Kindly follow the template to prepare the abstract (Click here to download the template). It should be limited to 1 page (only in pdf format).

Kindly follow this template to prepare the abstract. It should be limited to 1 page (submit only in pdf format). AEM2019 ( will host eight simultaneous conference sessions namely;

  1. (AEM) Advanced Energy Materials (topics include: energy-materials, solar energy, alternative energy, wind energy, photovoltaics, photocatalysis supercapacitors, batteries, theoretical modeling )
  2. (HE) Hydrogen Energy (topics include: hydrogen-energy, hydrogen production, hydrogen embrittlement, nanoenergy, biofuels, theoretical modeling)
  3. (ANM) Advanced Nanomaterials (topics include: nanomaterials, graphenematerials nanoelectronics, nanoenergy, nanomedicine, nanomechanics)
  4. (SEM) Solar Energy Materials (topics include: nanomaterials, organic solar cells, inorganic solar cells, thinfilm solar cells)
  5. (PEM) Polymer Energy Materials (topics include: polymer materials, fuel cells, hybrid polymers, functional polymers)
  6. (CPM) Crystalline Porous Materials (topics include: porous materials, MOFs, COFs, coordination polymers, polyoxometalates, proton conductors, zeolites)
  7. (CEM) Catalysis and Energy Materials (topics include: catalytic materials, proton conductors, fuel cells, transition metals, zeolites)
  8. (AGM) Advanced Graphene Materials (topics include: graphene-materials, nanoelectronics, nanoenergy, nanomedicine, nanomechanics)

The authors may add your own relevant topic under each session while submitting the abstract.

The abstract should be sent via e-mail to before the deadline. The e-mail’s Subject should include the session, topic and type (oral or poster) of work you wish to present in the following format: (Session-Topic-Oral/Poster).


Example. AEM-alternative energy-Oral

                 HE-hydrogen production-Poster


                 SEM-organic solar cells-oral


                 CPM- porous materials- Oral

                 CEM-catalytic materials- Poster

                 PEM- polymer materials- Poster

The abstracts will be peer reviewed and the notification will be sent within 10 days of the receipt of the abstract. We encourage you to submit your abstract at the earliest and plan your travel in advance.